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Description: Female host & DJ for Dark Horizons Radio in Tampa, FL (1992-2017). The only mistake is not trying. #MusicNerd #VinylRecords #BatLover #TBLightning #Hockey

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  • They carried on like long division and it was clear with every page that they were further away from a solution tha… https://t.co/w8CGXFRYpT
  • Sad, but unfortunately true. https://t.co/OyQ8B6UIet
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  • Asparagus, mushroom and mozzarella (didn’t have any swiss at home) omelet…mmm.
  • Be good to your friends and everyone you love. It’s not a given. You are never to busy to say a simple ‘hello’. Giv… https://t.co/n0wLQBDAUV
  • The making of a mystery, wishing on a falling star. I don’t want to let this sadness rule my heart. Your actions fr… https://t.co/ShTWmkxI1C
  • Right now I’m listening to Viva Non’s release ‘Shaping Dust And Our Autonomy’. If The Cure and Cold Cave had a baby… https://t.co/F8SuUn7cXl

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