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  • A good opportunity to flashback to 2011 when @ThomasDolby​ spoke to @ElectricityClub​ about his pioneering career 🎤… https://t.co/jabyDo9uC8
  • That time when the Grammys celebrated the synth in 1985 with Stevie, Herbie, Thomas and Howard 🎹🎹🎹🎹😉 https://t.co/X781FznUAC
  • RT @ElectricityClub: An introduction to Finland’s @lau_nau who will be headlining a special modular show on Saturday 1st February at @cecil
  • Intense and volatile amidst continuous social and personal change, ‘Tongues of Wild Boar’ is the new single by… https://t.co/Cjqgwlfvml
  • RT @ElectricityClub: MOLINA released her debut EP ‘Corpus’ in 2017 and has since put out a series of singles on @tmbrhncrs now gathered tog…
  • RT @heaven17bef: Another Big Idea (1996-2015) 9CD deluxe set: includes 3 studio albums, the previously unreleased album Space Age Space Mus…
  • RT @_blancmange_: WE HAVE NEWS! Blancmange’s forthcoming album is called Mindset & will have a full release on vinyl/cd/streaming/download…
  • RT @coldwar_nl: Finland’s @lau_nau and the UK’s @vileelectrodes share the room on Saturday, the 1st of February, 2020, at Cecil Sharp House…

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