Pink Floyd

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Description: Pink Floyd is one of the most successful and influential rock groups in history.

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  • This ticket would have enabled you to see the first live attempt at The Dark Side of the Moon…
  • The final five-piece Pink Floyd performance, 51 years ago today:
  • Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s the centre spread of A Nice Pair, which featured various shots of the ba…
  • The front and back cover of Pink Floyd’s 1974 release, A Nice Pair (which came out on this day) had a number of ima…
  • Today, 17 years ago, David Gilmour performed in London, with Richard Wright guesting – the first of five shows in J…
  • A Japanese release of One Of These Days from 1971:
  • “Why does it all have to be so terribly loud?”
  • On Wednesday we talked about the Pink Floyd Ballet in 1973. Here’s a shot from one of the performances:

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