Description: LACRIMOSA was established in 1990 and with fans and concerts all over the world they became one of the most popular independent acts with german lyrics!

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  • I am particularly pleased to announce another date of the upcoming tour today: We are coming back to Munich!
    On the…
  • Today comes the announcement of another stop on our tour:
    March, 31st 2019 São Paulo (Brazil) • Fabrique Club
  • Today, on the 24th of December, we have a little gift for our audience in Belarus: on February rhe 26th 2019 we are…
  • And here comes already the next show: Argentina, we’ll be back!
    March 29th 2019 Buenos Aires • El Teatrito…
  • Another special show of our Time Travel Tour is confirmed: We are coming back to Chile!
    March 27th 2019 Santiago de…
  • Finally we can announce the first Germany dates of our Time Travel Tour!
    #tlttwt2019 #tour2019 #lacrimosatour2019
  • We are happy to confirm another show of our upcoming tour:
    February 25, 2019
    Kiev (Ukraine)
    Venue: CCA NAU
  • While we’re working on more shows for our upcoming tour, here comes a beautiful tattoo by Patricio…