Kidney Thieves


Description: KT are 100% independent @freedominguez & @brucemsomers, @zach_webb guitar, @fredsablan bass, @eliasmallin drums. Get our new album out NOW!👇🏾

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  • We love @WillieNelson not just because he wrote “Crazy” but because he’s just a general badass. #BeLikeWillie
  • RT @freedominguez: How it goes. . .


    No, Free.


    No, Free.


    F-R-E-E, like don’t pay.

    (and then the puns co…

  • RT @freedominguez: I consider myself a very rational person. However, EVERY time I reach into the garbage disposal to get something out, I…
  • RT @freedominguez: Tonight your days are reduced by one. If it does not serve you anymore or if it feels like an old role you’ve grown out…
  • Two new songs later this year.
  • RT @freedominguez: Someone took my latte because it had my name on it. Not the first time it has been thought something meant for me was “…
  • RT @snuff21gun: Kidneythieves – Red & Violet

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