Hungry Lucy

ycuL yrgnuH

Description: gypsy electronica music with haunting female vocals

Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA
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  • “Shine this light down on me forever
    My open eyes are so alive
    Break through these walls that leave me useless
  • Tune in to Echoes on Wed to hear new music from Warren Harrison.

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  • Originally composed to be a Hungry Lucy song, then used as the theme for our video series, “Life With Hungry Lucy”,…
  • The new solo release from Warren Harrison is now available on all streaming platforms.

  • I recall telling you guys that HL was going to do new stuff. Unfortunately, this is now not possible. But, don’t…
  • Last little nugget of the day. Two duo pics, one of which always makes me laugh. I ll let you figure that one out on your own.



  • And, then we enter the limbo phase, all in white, with the glowing skirt. I am not adjusting these pics in any…