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Description: Are you ready to rise up? Find my magical novel The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls on Amazon and join the Plague Rat Revolution! 🐀🥄🖤

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  • Ratties around the world! It means more to me than I can express in human words to know how much these little handm… https://t.co/nB50uYZXTL
  • Dearest Plague Rats, I wanted to offer you something very special this holiday season, and so I have made a limited… https://t.co/PQcHaVAvpx
  • What’s coming up for the Asylum holiday season? Just you wait, Ratties, I’m working some handmade magic for you… 🐀… https://t.co/MNs5ajmerk
  • Reposting ree_artocracy…so pretty it hurts…what a crazy talented spirit is this artist!! So much love!!☕️🖤🐀
    W14… https://t.co/XbtJMPspoN
  • In a troubled time, in a troubled world, ruled by a grotesquely troubled patriarchy, I am so grateful to ALL of the… https://t.co/O57qj6zfoI
  • Today is the BEST day!!! My 2nd Plague Rat treasure? Oh, only this INSANE work of art by the ridiculously gifted ka… https://t.co/Aqeed4Y1Mf
  • Thank you thank Brian for the gift of this beautiful teacup ☕️ for our Skype Tea Party tomorrow! I can’t wait to se… https://t.co/nRkzcGkYCP
  • Do you hear the people sing?
    @marcsenter #vote #lesmiserables https://t.co/brnKJ1JwX7

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