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Description: Are you ready to rise up? Find my magical novel The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls on Amazon and join the Plague Rat Revolution! 🐀🥄🖤

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  • Precious Plague Rats! 🐀 Oh have I got something magical in store for you… Let me know in the comments if you’re r… https://t.co/WiTygSBYdy
  • Who wants to be very tiny and live on this selenite tower with me? (Thank you again, wingostarr!!) https://t.co/JDLUH7NnxL
  • Ahh!! How is such kindness even possible!! I’m feeling insanely lucky and grateful having just opened the after-sur… https://t.co/NcxPIF5cqP
  • Plague Rats!!! A million thanks for all your jaw surgery well wishes!! 🐀 today is the first time I’ve felt even rem… https://t.co/yoNFGGvwBm
  • Don’t ask me why I’m drawing a straight waistcoat today—ask yourself why you’re not. 🐀 Something magical coming soo… https://t.co/G7fSYpDr6R
  • Ratties of the Universe! As you know, 10% of the proceeds from the Asylum Handmade Treasures offered this past Holi… https://t.co/RLD7P8sYN9
  • Whatever this day means to you, the Asylum wishes you all the love your heart can hold, and we will always keep a c… https://t.co/kWMtRWGs5r
  • Reposting this from @steinbergmedia!!! I’m so proud to be a part of the “I Choose Cubase” campaign, and SO excited… https://t.co/neJVrrCXmw

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