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  • When Scott Landes isn’t playing guitar on one of our songs, he is working in one of his other bands, AL1CE. They’…
  • Check out this new podcast, from Kettle Whistle Radio, Shaun and Dave talk up some controversy on YouTbue with Only…
  • Currently, in all of the US there is only one record store that you can physically walk in and buy a Collide CD fro…
  • RT @scottlandes: Check out the new remix album from @Collidemusic – I was happy to play some guitar on their original tracks.
  • RT @DJDarkDave: New show is up on Mixcloud! Featuring music from @Collidemusic, @aeonsable, @DarkSideCowboys, @VisionGeometric, and many mo…
  • Currently addicted to watching Handmaid’s tale. Wow!!! So disturbing! Anyone else watching? or watched. Thoughts?
  • Thanks to our friends at Tool for helping to get the word out there!!! ❤️
  • @kelzamgaming Wow!!! Super thanks! So glad you like it! Pretty important words in today’s world! ❤️❤️

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