Assemblage 23

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Description: I make electronic music and bleep ’em ups

Location: Seattle, WA
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  • @Yah73495156 Just the kind of intellect I’ve come to expect from right-wingers. Keep it up and you’ll graduate to head fry cook in no time!
  • @EdWhelanEPPC Enjoy your libel suit, dumb-dumb.
  • @rhysfulber I heard the TB-303 doesn’t care for you, too!
  • Next week Assemblage 23 is proud to be part of the line-up for this year’s Coldwaves LA!

  • @WalshFreedom Hey, speaking of money people owe… Have you stood up and paid the child support you owe for your ow…
  • I can’t believe it’s over! Frankfurt, we couldn’t have asked for a better end to the tour. Your energy and enthusia…
  • @saintsordid666 You should fix that!
  • @mst3kris No, we have no plans on releasing a live video, I’m afraid. These are traditionally very poor sellers, an…

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